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Sports Apparel

Stylish, comfortable, high-quality sportswear for men, women and kids: jackets, vests, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, tracksuits, sets and more. The online store offers sportswear of world famous brands like adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc., meeting the high quality requirements and the individual sense of style. We offer a wide range of different models and sizes of outdoor and indoor clothing. The high-quality materials used in the production of sportswear will ensure comfort, durability and easy maintenance. The specially designed materials and various technologies will maintain the optimal body temperature, and remove the excess amount of moisture and sweat. We guarantee a wide product assortment, low prices and good service, quick package handling and delivery.

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Adidas Women’s Aquasport Red Swimsuit

Regular Price: €49.00

Special Price €35.00

Adidas Women's Long Down Dark Navy Jacket

Regular Price: €150.00

Special Price €69.00

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Choosing your sportswear

Where will you wear it – indoors or outdoors?

            When looking for the appropriate sportswear, you shall rationally asses where you will mostly wear them. Most of the sports clothes are made separately for either doing sports indoors or outdoors. Additionally, the appropriate sportswear selection will also depend on the season. Lighter sportswear like t-shirts and shorts shall be chosen for training outside during the summer, or indoors in heated rooms. It is very important to choose the clothes that would not restrain the natural range of motion and that would reduce chafing and skin irritation. The sportswear shall evaporate the sweat effectively and protect from unpleasant odors. If you are allergic to some specific material, please chose the product accordingly to the structure of its fabric to prevent skin irritation and the reproduction of microorganisms.

            If you are going to work out in the cold time of the year, choose thicker clothes and do not forget the principle of clothing layering. The sportswear made for exercising in cold environment will help to maintain the optimal body temperature, evaporate the sweat and keep away the excess moisture. Track suits are more appropriate for training during this kind of seasons. If you are looking for a jacket, pay attention to the quality and comfort of the product and choose light constructions with protection from moisture, wind and water for doing sports outdoor.

Is the sports apparel high-quality?

            Choose the products from the well-known sportswear manufacturers, what will ensure the durability and sustainability – their sportswear will not stretch out, nor change the original look or size. We offer only high-quality fabric clothing, which feels nicely to the body and does not irritate the skin. The highest-quality materials will help to maintain the optimal body temperature, thus keeping you warm in winter, and evaporating the sweat in summer. Always remember to read the washing instructions on the label of the product to keep it undamaged and in its original shape. Please note that when buying apparel of an unknown sports manufacturer you risk getting disappointed by its quality.

What style of sportswear should I choose?

            Even though the most important criteria of the sportswear is the quality, the importance of the style and design also cannot be denied. In order to meet the ever changing and growing needs of their customers, the major sportswear manufacturers offer different kinds of styles of clothing for men and women. You shall measure your body type first, in order to look stylish, for example, choose tights and leggings if you want to draw attention to your legs, and to highlight the muscles of your arms choose close-fitting t-shirts. If you appreciate the convenience and comfort, pick from stylish track suits, which will become a part of your image.

            Always evaluate the colour when buying the sports apparel. Bright colours are getting more and more popular, however if you appreciate practicality more, you shall choose from the darker ones. At this moment, grey and heather grey, or combinations of blue and red are at the top of the most popular choices. The sportswear shall also be combined with the footwear. According to stylists, clothes with pockets is a very popular choice, as it is both, stylish and practical for keeping small items like keys and money with you. The sports apparel made for the cold weather usually includes a stylish, adjustable hood, which gives more innovation for everyday image.